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General details
Product name: Lumenis Pulse 30H Holmium Laser - new
# GA-2000435
Manufacturer: Lumenis
Lumenis Pulse 30H Holmium Laser - new
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Lumenis Pulse 30H Holmium Laser        

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Condition: New
YOM: 2024
P/N: GA-2000435
Warranty: 1 year
With Cart

1. Pulse 30H Laser unit
2. Footswitch
3. Power cord
4. Soft Manuals
5. Fiber optics, total of 3 Pcs: 2 Pcs of size 200 and 2 Pcs of size 550
6. Blast Shield, Quantity of 2 (in addition to the one with the system)
7. Protective glasses, quantity of 3

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Wide range of applications for:
  • Arthroscopy
  • Urology
  • Urinary lithotripsy
  • Head & Neck surgery
  • Gynecological surgery
  • General surgery
  • Gastroenterological surgery
Best-in-Class: Performance
Unparalleled Performance
The Lumenis Pulse 30H is especially designed to address stones
of all types and sizes you encounter during a procedure
It is the highest of its kind in energy per pulse of up to 5J along
with superior repetition rate of 25Hz
The system’s competitive performance envelope enables
to minimize procedure duration through maximizing stone
fragmentation rate and reduced retropulsion

Superior User Experience
7’’ high resolution screen. Intuitive operation with large color
graphical user interface
The most space saving system in its class offered in two options:
• Tower (with cart)- mounted on wheels for smooth relocation to
any OR whenever needed
• Desktop (without a cart)- the added convenience of a smaller, more
compact design. Ideal for a physician’s office or a small operating
room. Can be placed on an OR tower or an available desk
Green aiming beam with 5 intensity settings for enhanced
endoscopic visibility
Laser setting summery report saves records of the last 10 treatments

Performance, User Experience, ROI
Quick ROI
Minimizes overall cost and cost per procedure: Lumenis Pulse
30H is designed to be perfectly aligned with the Lumenis fiber
optical specifications
The alignment between the system and the connected fibers
maximizes the fiber’s durability and the energy utilization
applied during the procedure, and also prevents potential
damage to the system

Improved reliability:
• Lumenis Pulse 30H is validated with all Lumenis branded
fibers to increase the system’s reliability during the procedure
• Case saver mode allows the surgeon to complete the
procedure in case of system malfunction
The Lumenis Pulse 30H System is indicated for more than 80
applications including urinary lithotripsy, treatment of bladder
tumors and Ureteral strictures. It is intended for use during open
and endoscopic urological surgery for ablation, vaporization,
incision,excision and coagulation of soft tissue

30W Higher power
25Hz Faster repetition rate
5J Improved energy per pulse
7’’ High resolution screen:
Enhanced user experience
2 Options: tower and desktop

Wavelength: 2.1 um
Max Optical Power: 30 W
Repetition Rate: 3 - 25 Hz
Pulse Energy: 0.2 - 5 J
Aiming Beam Green: 5 intensity settings
Smart Identification System (SIS): YES
Pedal Footswitch: One
Modern Touch screen GUI: 7’’ Screen - match the look and feel of Pulse 120H GUI
Fiber support arm: Yes
Configuration: Two optional configurations: Tower (with cart) or desktop (WO a cart)
Dimensions [W / L / H] with cart: 36 cm X 66 cm X 110.5 cm / 14.2” X 26” X 43.5”
Weight with cart: 85 kg
Dimensions [W / L / H] WO cart: 36 cm X 66 cm X 77 cm / 14.2” X 26” X 30.3”
Weight WO cart: 60 kg
Cart dimensions: 36 cm X 65 cm X 33.4 cm / 14.2” X 25.6” X 13.5”
Cart Weight: 25 kg
Delivery systems: Lumenis SIS reusable and single use delivery systems
Electrical Requirements: 50/60 Hz, 1Φ
                                         18A, 100 VAC | 9A, 200 VAC
                                         15A, 120 VAC | 8A, 220-240 VAC
PN system: GA-2000435
PN Cart: SA-20037840

Lumenis Pulse 30H 11
Lumenis Pulse 30H 12

Lumenis Pulse 30H 13

Lumenis Pulse 30H 14

Lumenis Pulse 30H OBLLumenis Pulse 30H Front

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