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General details
Product name: Topcon SL-D7 Slitlamp
# TPCN SL 0122
Manufacturer: Topcon
Topcon SL-D7 Slitlamp
More info:
Topcon SL-D7 Slitlamp

Condition: very good

YOM: 2006

Topcon SL-D7

SL-D7 Shown with optional DC-4 Digital Camera attachment. For those preferring a tower configuration with halogen illumination and a wide array of features, the SL-D7 is the instrument of choice.
  • Converging / Parallel Optics
  • 5-magnification drum changer: 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x and 40x, (useful in endothelium cell observation)
  • 20° Slit Beam tilt for gonioscopy observation
  • Slit descentration capability
  • Versatile slit adjustment, continuous or pre-set up to 14mm of width and height
  • 5 built in filters: Amber, Cobalt Blue, Red-free, 13% Neutral Density and Heat Absorbent
  • Rotating slit angle from 0 to 180 degrees with horizontal scanning capability
  • Tonometer mount included for R900 model
  • Digital Ready, accepting the DC-4 Camera Attachment


MICROSCOPE:                                             SL-D7
Type:                                                             Galilean magnification changer with converging binocular tubes
Magnification Selection:                                5 steps by drum rotation

EYEPIECE:                                                  12.5x
Magnification Ratio (Field of View)               6x (35.1 mm), 10x (22.5 mm), 16x (14.1 mm)
                                                                      25x (8.8 mm), 40x (5.6 mm)
Slit Width:                                                     Continuous from 14 mm to 0 mm (at 14 mm, slit becomes a circle)
Slit Length:                                                   Continuous from 14 mm to 0 mm (at 14 mm, slit becomes a circle)
Slit Angle:                                                     0 to 180 degrees with horizontal scanning capability
Filters:                                                          Blue, Red-Free, Amber UV Cut (Normal Use),  IR Cut (Normal Use), ND                                                                        (13% Transmission), Heat Insulation Exciter/Barrier (Factory Option)
Illumination Lamp:                                       12V, 30W halogen lamp

Longitudinal Movement:                               90 mm
Lateral Movement:                                       100 mm
Fine Base Movement:                                 15 mm
Vertical Movement:                                     30 mm

Vertical Movement:                                     80 mm
Fixation Target:                                           Red-LED or White-Bulb

Input (Primary):                                           100-120V, 220-240V, AC
Frequency:                                                  50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:                                  160VA

with Table:                                                  550 mm x 399 mm x 760-790 mm
with Unit Table:                                          440 mm x 399 mm x 760-790 mm
without Table and Chinrest:                       329 mm x 306 mm x 652-682 mm

with Table:                                                 19 kg
with Unit Table:                                         18 kg
without Table and Chinrest:                      11.5 kg

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