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General details
Product name: TOPCON CC 100 Vision Screener
# TCN CS CC-100 0014
Manufacturer: Topcon
TOPCON CC 100 Vision Screener
More info:

TOPCON CC 100 Vision Screener

Condition: very good                                                                                      


Spatial Frequency Contrast Sensitivity Test
The Spatial Frequency Contrast Sensitivity Test can be customized by setting the amount
of spatial frequencies and contrast levels. The result gives valuable information on the
patients contrast visual acuity. Test results are displayed in a graph which is printable as
well. Spatial Frequency Contrast Sensitivity test is applicable for CC-100

Versatile operation
The Topcon CC-100 series Chart systems can be operated in various ways. Operation
can be done by Remote Control or the Virtual Remote Control on a PC as stand alone,
with the KB-50S controller or with the CV-5000 PC controller software in combination with
Topcon’s dedicated CV-5000 automated phoropter. The CV-5000 Tablet can be used as
well. This innovative and stylish solution offers a wireless operation and the CV-5000
Tablet can be used for other applications such as near tests as well.


Testing distance                                           2.9 – 6.1 m, stepsize 0.1m

Viewing area W x D (mm)                            Decimal: 0.05 to 2.0

LogMar:                                                        1.3 to – 0.30

Snellen (m):                                                 120 to 3 Snellen (f): 400 to 10

Monoyer:                                                      0.5 to 2.0

VA test, compliant with ISO 8596                 Landolt C

VA test, compliant with ISO 8597                 Letters
                                                                     Tumbling E

VA tests                                                        3 Children charts
                                                                     Monocular R/G
                                                                     Clock fan
                                                                     Astigmatism dots

Binocular tests (image separation)              Schober test
                                                                    Worth test
                                                                    Color test
                                                                    Inversion test
                                                                    Sine wave contrast test
                                                                    Contrast modifying test
                                                                    Contrast sens. test Separation through Red–Green
                                                                    Cross test
                                                                    Cross test with fixation Zeigertest
                                                                    Double Zeigertest
                                                                    Coincidence test H&V with fixation VA Balance test
                                                                    Double indicator
                                                                    Stereo test
                                                                    Stereo triangle 11
                                                                    Stereo valenz 20
                                                                    differential stereo
                                                                    Vertical OXO-like
                                                                    Horizontal OXO-like
                                                                    Random dot (Topcon)
                                                                    Random dot (Stages)
                                                                    Fixation disparity test

Dimensions W x H x D (mm)                      560 x 358 x 56

LCD: contrast ratio                                      10.000:1

Weight (kg)                                                  7,0 Kg

Main voltage                                                AC 110 - 240 V; 50-60 Hz

Power consumption                                     120 VA

Accessories                                                  Virtual Remote Controler on PC
                                                                     WiFi Dongles 2x
Options                                                         Remote controller

Computerised Chart Systems

Comp Chart Sys

Your personal LCD test chart (led)

Computerised Chart Systems Topcon offers a wide range
of Computerised Chart Sytems. Depending on your wishes
Topcon offers a matching system. Topcon chart systems can
be operated as stand alone or can be integrated in a Topcon
refraction lane.  


The Topcon CC-100 is a versatile solution to present charts
to patients. The high resolution 21,5” LED screen ensures
clear and bright chart display. All commonly known acuity
test are available, including ETDRS. The CC-100 provides
image separation through red and green. Data can be sent
through WiFi to PC.

» Wide range of Optotypes
» White Maddox LED light source
» Random function
» High resolution 21,5” LED screen
» Integrated PC
» Image separation through red / green  

Visual acuity charts of the Topcon computerised chart

The Topcon chart systems offer the most commonly used
visual acuity tests ranging from Letters, Tumbling E,
Landolt C and Numbers up to three different Children charts.

Visual Charts

Masking is available for horizontal (row), vertical (column) and single characters


Pseudo- Isochromatic Color Vision Test


The Pseudo-Isochromatic test is based on the well-known
HRR test, butproviding better quantitative data on color
vision deficiencies. CC-100XP displays the results in an
easy to understand graph which is printable as well.
Pseudo-Isochromatic Vision tests are available in CC-100
and CC-100XP.



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