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General details
Product name: REFRACTEC ViewPoint CK Conductive Keratoplasty System
# RFTK 012 0037
Manufacturer: Refractec
REFRACTEC ViewPoint CK Conductive Keratoplasty System
More info:

REFRACTEC ViewPoint CK Conductive Keratoplasty

Complete system 
Very Good condition 

NearVisionSM CK® is the #1 non-laser refractive procedure in the US. And with the introduction of the 
OptiPointTM Corneal Template, this safe approach to helping patients improve their near vision is even 
better. Traditionally, physicians using CK compressed the cornea as radiofrequency energy was delivered. 
The OptiPoint Corneal Template provides accurate corneal marking and Keratoplast® Tip application for 
the NearVision CK treatment. 
A centration feature makes it easy to place the OptiPoint Corneal Template on the eye. 
The ViewPoint® CK System is compact and portable, so the procedure can be performed in your office. 
The treatment only takes about three minutes, and since the ViewPoint CK System can be acquired for 
a fraction of the cost of laser surgery or other refractive equipment, 
it's an affordable addition to your successful practice. 

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