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NEW CO2 LASERS          
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Laterna is specializes in the development and production of laser devices for  
Dental, Dermatology, Gynecology, ENT and other 
Surgical applications, introducing
the METEOR 30 CO2 laser.

The Meteor 30 CO2 innovative dental laser treats soft tissue with new technology
without consumables.

The Meteor 30 offered with two years warranty .


Meteor 30W CO2 Laser -New system with 2 years warranty


The CO2 is the most efficient laser in ablation, (vaporization) of soft tissue areas and
allows, non-contact surgery with contrast to 
other surgical, modalities.

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 No need for expendable accessories.

 Great performance for Competative & Affordable price.

 2 Years warranty.

√  Worldwide Sales.

√  Worldwide Shipping.

√  Worldwide Support.


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