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M22 Spare Parts List

The list contains common parts for the M22, for other parts please contact us with P/N and/or a picture.

1.        Cooling System

Item Description Part Number
1 Pump Assembly OP-1036960
2 Flow Switch SP-1046970
3 Radiator assembly and water tubes (with Temperature Sensor) SP-1046980
4 Water Bottle Assembly SP-1047010
5 Level Tank Sensor SP-1047000
6 Deionizing Water Filter SP-1047020
7 Water Elbow Fitting SP-1047030
8 System Cooling Fan SP-1046990
9 Water Plug-In Extended Elbow SP-1047040
10 Water fitting "T" SP-1047050
11 Clip for water tubing SP-1047060

2.       Covers & Exterior Componnents

Item Description Part Number
1 Base Upper Cover SP-1047360
2 Base Front Cover SP-1047350
3 Base Left Cover SP-1047330
4 Base Right Cover SP-1047320
5 Left Panel Assy. SP-1047400
6 Right Panel Assy. SP-1047410
7 Base Back Cover SP-1047340
8 Right Handle Assy. SP-1047430
9 Left Handle Assy. SP-1047420
10 Compartment Door (for Filter and Lightguide storage) SP-1047450

3.        Miscellaneous

Item Description Part Number
1 Draw Latch for rear cover SP-1047500
2 EMI Shielding gasket E18 3 x 3 mm SP-1047380
3 EMI Shielding gasket E37 1 x 3 mm SP-1047370
4 EMI Shielding gasket E81 2 x 4 mm SP-1047390
5 Locking Bracket Assy. SP-1047460
6 Latch Cover SP-1047470
7 Upper Locking Part SP-1047490
8 Head Connector Cover SP-1047440
9 IPL LH Cradle SP-1047290
10 IPL RH Cradle SP-1047300
11 Lamp Cover SP-1047310
12 Locking Display Assembly SP-1047480
13 Interlock Connector SP-1047580

4.     Computer & Display

Item Description Part Number
1 PC Unit Assembly (does not include HASP) OP-1046930
2 GUI Computer (includes Compact Flash) OP-1046940
3 Display Assembly OP-1046950
4 Screen Left & Right Hinge Bracket SP-1047570

5.       Electronic Componnents

Item Description Part Number
1 Relay Assembly SP-1047070
2 Capacitor Assembly SP-1047090
3 Switching Module OP-1047100
4 Charger Assembly (Power Supply) OP-1047110
4.1 Charger Cover SP-1047120
5 Interface Module SP-1047130
6 Machine Side Connector SP-1047150
7 Power Cable 250 VAC WA0000126
8 Power Cable 125 VAC 6006-0159A
9 ON/OFF Switch and cable SP-1047140
10 52-pin internal Harness, Top Assembly SP-1047530

6.     Treatment Heads & Accessories

Item Description Part Number
1 IPL Head SA-1026350
2 Nd:Yag Head SA-1020220
3 Light Guides and Filters (Storage location shown, see next page)  
N3 Upgrade Nd:Yag Kit (includes calibration device , Nd:Yag treatment Head and software plug UG-0005100

For other parts please contact us with P/N and/or a picture
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