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Product name: Lumenis Pulse 100H Holmium laser
# GA-1008944
Manufacturer: Lumenis
Lumenis Pulse 100H Holmium laser
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Lumenis Pulse 100H Holmium laser - New

Condition:  New
P/N:           GA-1008944
DOM:         February 2024
Warranty:   1 Year

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1. Pulse 100H Laser unit
2. Footswitch
3. Power cord
4. Soft Manuals
5. Fiber optics: 4 Pieces
6. Blast Shield, Quantity of 2 (in addition to the one with the system)
Parameter                                                             Value 
Wavelength                                                           2.1 µm 
Max Optical Power                                               100 W 
Max Repetition Rate                                             53 Hz 
Pulse Energy                                                        0.2-3.5 J 
Aiming Beam Green                                             Green. Three intensity settings. 
Pulse Width                                                          Adjustable 
Smart Identification System (SIS)                        YES 
Dual Pedal Footswitch                                         YES 
User friendly GUI enables 2 different 
working modes operating simultaneously, 
no need to switch between the screens               YES 
Electrical                                                               230V, 60Hz, 30A / 230V, 50Hz, 32A 
Cooling                                                                 Self-contained water-to-air heat exchanger 
Dimensions                                                          [W / L / H] 46 x 91 x 99 cm / 18 X 36 X 39 inch 
Weight                                                                  200 kg (441 lbs.) 
Delivery systems                                                  Lumenis SIS reusable and single use delivery systems 
Warranty                                                              One year 
Kidney stones 
Bladder stones 
Ureteral stones 
Bladder tumors 
Biliary stones 
Gastroenterology procedures 
Orthopedic procedures 
ENT procedures 
Thoracic & Pulmonary procedures 
Gynecology procedures 
Podiatry procedures 
Dermatology and plastic surgery
Lumenis Pulse 100H 
The most effective laser system for HoLEP and Stone Treatment
Lumenis Pulse 100H generates high energy per pulse of up to 3.5J and a high repetition 
rate of up to 53Hz, utilizing clinically recommended system settings for Holmium Laser 
Enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) and Stone Dusting.
Suitable for BPH of any size of prostate 
HoLEP is the gold standard treatment for BPH representing a successful, safe and 
durable treatment for this condition with a low recurrence rate on long term follow 
up1 . It enables treatment of any prostate size or volume. 
Along with the system, Lumenis supports with a comprehensive set of tools, 
specially designed to help you perform the HoLEP procedure successfully. 
For more information please contact your local representative. 
Stone Dusting Lithotripsy is very efficient at breaking down stones of any size and 
type. In comparison to basket retrieval, it may lead to a reduction of operative times 
and overall procedural cost savings. The low energy per pulse, applied in dusting, 
minimizes retropulsion and patient risk. Other advantages of stone dusting include 
less use of ureteral access sheaths and multiple fragment retrieval with baskets, 
thereby reducing the risk of ureteral injury. With this system Lumenis offers a 
comprehensive set of tools especially designed to help you perform Stone Dusting 
successfully. For more information please contact your local representative. 
The trusted VersaPulse PowerSuite 100 Watt systemnow with additional features for 
enhanced safety and improved user experience.
Lumenis Pulse 100H is a versatile laser system for the treatment of extensive clinical 
urologic indications such as: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), stones, tumors or 
strictures, as well as a range of applications in other surgical fields such as, General 
Surgery, ENT, Gynecology and Pulmonary Surgery. 
Better Safety 
Innovative pulse reshape function and green aiming beam  
The pulse reshaping technology is designed to better address bleeders and to minimize 
The green aiming beam improved endoscopic visibility to enable smooth procedure, 
especially during bleeding. 
Holmium is well absorbed by water which results in minimal scatter and leads to greater 
precision without collateral tissue damage. 
Better User Experience 
Dual pedals, upgraded screen and remodeled industrial design
Better Return on Investment 
Hands free ready/standby mode
A host of various laser parameters
Versatility: various laser parameters allow one to address over 50 types of procedures in
various clinical areas.
Hands free ready/standby mode
Enables physicians to have full control of the laser by switching between standby and
ready modes with no assistance. This might minimize the cost of the procedure by
reducing the staff required in the operating room.
Better Reliability
“Case save” mode allows the surgeon to complete the procedure in the event of system 
malfunction. Lumenis Pulse 100H is validated with all Lumenis branded fibers to increase 
the system’s reliability during the procedure and to extend the fiber’s life cycle. 
Better Ease of Use
Customizable dual pedals
Allows for easy switching between laser settings during procedure. This feature might 
be applied for having one pedal dedicated for hemostasis in orderto 
address bleeding faster and more efficiently.
Innovative design and GUI
An intuitive GUI screen that allows for the tracking of accumulated energy during the 
procedure and double settings to control both systems’ pedals.


Pulse 100H 1    Pulse 100H 4

Pulse 100H 2 Pulse 100H 3

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