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General details
Product name: Lumenis Acupulse 40A ES-R CO2 Laser SA-1063010
# SA-1043010
Manufacturer: Lumenis
Lumenis Acupulse 40A ES-R CO2 Laser SA-1063010
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Lumenis AcuPulse 40A ES-R

Manufacturer: Lumenis
P/N: SA-1063010
Condition: Excellent - CO2 Tube refurbished on 2017 and SW updated
DOM: Sep 1011

  • All Applicators
  • DeepFX scanner
  • Acuscan 120 Scanner
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AcuPulse 40A - this system includes software and operating
modules for the Lumenis AcuScan 120 fractional flashscanner
accessories and the Lumenis resurfacing kit, including the
SurgiTouch flashscanner..

The  system delivers maximal power of:
Continuous Wave:  40 Watts
Pulser Mode : 35 Watts
SuperPulse Mode: 15 watts

Treatment Laser
• Type:CO2 laser tube, sealed-off, DC-excited
• Wavelength:10.6 microns (invisible infrared)
• Mode structure:TEM00 (Gaussian)

Laser Operating Modes
• Continuous Wave (CW)
• Pulser
• SuperPulse (SP)

Tissue Exposure Modes
• Continuous
• Single Pulse
• Repeat Pulse

Power on Tissue
• CW in 40/40ST/40R/40F/40A/AP Duo model:1.0 – 40.0 Watts
Pulser in 40/40ST/40R/40F/40A model:
  Average power range:1.0 – 35.0 Watts
  Peak power: 40 Watts
• SuperPulse in 40/40ST/40R/40F/40A model:
  Average power range:0.2 – 15 Watts
  Peak power:125 Watts in 0.2-4W range
  350 Watts in 3.5-15W range
  Energy for Stapedectomy:12 mJ
  Pulse frequency & duty cycle automatically set by system

Pulse On Time
• CW mode 0.01 - 1.00 seconds
• Pulser and SuperPulse modes: 0.05 - 1.00 seconds

Pulse Off Time
• All modes: 0.01 - 1.00 seconds

Spot Size
• From 0.1 mm, focused at 50 mm working distance, to 6.7 mm, fully
  defocused at 400 mm working distance

Delivery System
• Lightweight, carbon fiber, 7-joint, spring-balanced articulated arm
• Working radius at full arm extension: 144 cm (56.7")
• Horizontal rotation of articulated arm: 360°












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