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General details
Product name: Lumenis AcuSpot 712 Micromanipulator AA2630000
# AA2630000
Manufacturer: Lumenis
Lumenis AcuSpot 712 Micromanipulator AA2630000
More info:
Lumenis AcuSpot 712 Micromanipulator 
P/N: AA2630000

Condition: new

Warranty: 6 months

For, Acupulse, Ultrapulse, 40C

AcuSpot 712 Series Micromanipulators
Micromanipulators attach to the objective lens side of the operating microscope.  When correctly 
set-up, the beams from the invisible carbon dioxide laser and the visible red diode laser are the 
same working distance as the microscope. The micromanipulator has a gimbaled mirror situated in the 
view path of the surgeon, to direct the CO2 laser and red aiming beams onto the tissue site.  The 
surgeo manipulates a joystick to rotate the mirror and direct the laser beam onto the desired t ar 
To accommodate the physical dimensions of various microscopes, there are three models of the 
AcuSpot micromanipulator.
•      AcuSpot 712 micromanipulator for  microscopes with small objective lenses (for example, Zeiss OPMI 1-FC)

•      Adjustable handrest for maximum joystick ergonomics and control
•      Tension adjustment on joystick
•      Working distance knob to parfocalize laser beam to microscope working distance (2 00-400mm)
•      Spot size selection knob on side of micromanipulator
•      Attachable drape rings for  sterile laser microscope drapes
•      Sterilizable covers for  working distance and spot size controls
•      Removable, sterilizable joystick handles
•      Adapts to common surgical microscopes
•      Upgradable to Digital AcuBlade scanning micromanipulator (requires joystick modification and 
laser equipped with SurgiTouch software and scanner)
•      Convenient storage case for  micromanipulator, accessories and lens cleaning supplies

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