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Lumenis Acupulse and Acupulse Duo parts.

Used LUMENIS AcuPulse CO2 Laser - Co2 For Sale - DOTmed Listing #2455026:
Computer and Display:
1.  AcuPulse Display Assembly (grey) SPN-1028710, SP-1028710
     AcuPulse Display Assembly (white) SPN-1028711
2.  Compact Flash 1 GB EL0003603
3.  AcuPulse PC Assembly SP-1028740, SPN-1028740
Electronic Components:
1.  AcuPulse interface controller SP-1028730, SPN-1028730
2.  AcuPulse LVPS Assembly SP-1028810, SPN-1028810
Cooling System:
1.  Cooling system fan assy SPSA-1007710
2.  Flow switch assy SPSA-1006740
3.  Expansion tank assy SPSA-1005500
4.  Expansion Tank Diaphragm SPPS0872500
5.  Coolant Pump Assembly SPSA-1005260
6.  Air pump (not including mounting plate) SP-1004600
1 HVPS bobbin assy SPSA-1005240
2 AcuPulse HVPS SP-1028820, SPN-1028820
Optical and Power Meter Components:
1.  AcuPulse Delivery System (grey) KT-1028750
     AcuPulse Delivery System (white, non-DUO) KT-1003474
2.  Sealed off laser (not including bench) KT-1028700
3.  Diode Aiming Beam SP-1028830
4.  Beam Combiner and Shutter SP-1028840
5.  Spring balance for articulated arm (grey) SPSA-1020850
6.  Spring balance for articulated arm (white) SP-1006134
7.  Power meter disc assembly SPSA-1012800
8.  Power meter disc only SPHS-1001550
9.  Arm Mirror PO2256110
10.  Endjoint mirror PO0238310
11.  Shutter PCB SP-1103710
DUO Spare Parts:
1.  Duo Step Motor SP-1001030
2.  Limit Sensor (Opto) SP-1001031
3.  Arm LED Board SP-1001032
4.  Duo Fiber Port LED Board SP-1001033
5.  PMCU Board SP-1001034
6.  Split Board SP-1001035
7.  Air Compressor-Duo SP-1001036
8.  RFID Board SP-1001037
9.  Data Harness (Main) SP-1001038
10.  Micro-switch and step motor harness SP-1001039
11.  Duo Aiming Beam SP-1001048
12.  Air Manifold SP-1001050
13.  Fitting for External Air Tube SPHA-1001109
Duo Optics Spare Parts:
1.  Fiber Port Folding Mirror (with finger gloves) SP-1001040
2.  Duo Beam Combiner SP-1001041
3.  Duo Delivery Arm (Duo Only) KT-1001699
Scanner and Accessories:
1.  AcuPulse Scanner Electronic Board SP-1028720
2.  Scanner cable clips 0641-196-01
3.  Scanner Communication Harness SPHS-1023010
4.  Kit, Disposable Tips for AcuScan 120 (30 pcs) KT-1005870
5.  AcuPulse ST Scanner Replacement Kit SPN-1028780, RSP-1028780
6.  AcuScan 120 Scanner Replacement Kit SPN-1028790,  RSP-1028790
7.  Microswitch joystick SP-1102080
1.  Foldable foot switch assembly SPSA-1005080
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