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Lightsheer duet spare Parts List

The list contains common parts for the LS Duet, for other parts please contact us with P/N and/or a picture.

1. Computer modeule

 Item  Description  P/N
 1 GUI Processor Board SP-1020320

2.        PCB
 Item  Description  P/N  New P/N
 1  Controller Baseboard  EA-0024100  SP-1084080
 2   Digital Controller Board  SP-1020340  SP-1020340
 3  Driver Board  EA-0024110  SP-1084070

3.        Power supply

 Item  Description  P/N
 1  DUET Power Supply  KT-1007970

3.        Cooling System

 Item  Description  P/N  New P/N
 1  Water Temperature Sensor Assembly  50-04649-01  SP-1084420
 2  Coolant Reservoir  SA-0025800  SP-1084450
 3  Cooling pump  Assembly   SA-0025790   SP-1084120
 4  Solenoid 3-way (Diverter) Valve  SA-0025780  SP-1084440
 5  Coolant Level Cable  Assembly  HS-0025980  HS-0025980
 6  Fan & Filter Board  Assembly   SA-1000910  SP-1084430
 7  Optical Sensor  SA-1021870  
 8  Chiller  Assembly, 240W Offset  50-04798-02  50-04798-02

5.        Vacuum System

                          4                                                       5

 Item  Description  P/N  New P/N
 1  Vacuum Pump Assembly  SA-0025770  SP-1084100
 2  Vacuum Cable Assembly   HS-0026640  SP-1084380
 3  Vacuum Module and Manifold  SA-0026590  SP-1084390
 4 Vacuum Air Port Head Connector Fitting    HF0000032
 5 Proportional Valve    SA-1096600

6.        Display

 Item  Description  P/N  New P/N
 1  LCD & Touch Screen Assembly  SA-0035100  SP-1084560

6.                Consumables

 Item  Description  P/N
 1  Disposable inserts (Tips)  KT-1063750
 2  Filter  

For additional parts please contact us 
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