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General details
Product name: Hironic Dublo HFIU Deep Skin tightning system
# HRC 00018
Manufacturer: Hironic
Hironic Dublo HFIU Deep Skin tightning system
More info:
Hironic Doublo Deap Skin Tightning system

Manufacturer: Hironic
Model: doublo
YOM: 2017
Condition: Demo, as new

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HIFU System for Face Lifting and Body Treatment
  1. Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation
  2. Non - Invasive Lifting for Face
  3. Collagen Remodeling and SMAS Contraction

HIFU (High intensity intensive ultrasound) energy is focused at the SMAS layer 3
to 4.5 mm below the skin surface to produce a thermal coagulation zone smaller
than 1 mm.
At this zone, a high thermal reaction occurs at a temperature of 60 ° C or higher,
which causes the SMAS layer contraction and collagen remodeling to skin
tightening and lifting.

Quality treatment with a high resolution imaging system
Diverse applications and analysis with a high performance software
Precise and real-time image during treatment
128 CH , High resolution Image probe
Various optional functions (Keeping patient’s information, MP3 file and Video

Stable power and exact focusing thermal coagulation for the highest effectiveness

Optimized cartridges for specific area:
It is possible to selectively use the cartridge according to the depth of the target
layer to be treated.

energy type:                    HiCU
Fluence:                          0.2~2J’cm (0.05 Step)
Moniter:                           LCD screen
Cartridge:                        M7 7.0MHz, 3.0mm
                                        D4 4.0MHz, 4.5mm
                                        D7 MHz, 4.5MM
Spacing:                          0.5~10mm
Length                             5.0~25mm(1.0Step)
Electrical Requirements: AC 100-24OV, 50/60Hz
Dimensions:                    400 x 455 x 460 x (W x D x H)
Weight:                           15Kg (Cart excluded)

Hironic Doublo 1

Hironic Doublo 2

Hironic Doublo 3

Hironic Doublo 4



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