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General details
Product name: Esaote MyLab 15 Ultrasound system
# ESA 013 1751
Manufacturer: Esaote
Esaote MyLab 15 Ultrasound system
More info:
Esaote MyLab 15 Ultrasound system with Color Doppler

Condition: Excellent, renewed

To pictures:

1. Endocavity, Transvaginal: E8-5 R10P, Frequency range: 5-8Mhz
2. Convex: CA1421, Frequency range: 2-6Mhz

Installed options:
1. OB/Gyn
2. TEI: With TEI the harmonic signal is fully preserved without degradation of the acoustic information.
3. Color-Doppler

Included: UP-897MD Video printer

The Esaote Mylab 15 Ultrasound System is a compact console ultrasound system with premium quality in soft tissue resolution.

Esaote Mylab 15 Ultrasound System Applications
Tissue Enhancement Imaging
B-Mode, M-Mode, B/B-Mode, B/M -Mode
Optinal: Linear Array multi-frequency probe, ranging from  7.5 to 15.0 MHz.
USB and peripherals connectivity
Ergonomic design and workflow
Windows platform
Full feature keyboard
Color Doppler
High resolution monitor
3 Transducer Ports
Multi-frequency broadband Transducers
Optional: Intraoperative and Laparoscopic Probes
Automatic Doppler tracing
Measurement, Annotation 
Personal USB storage device and RJ 45 ports to store and transfer examinations

Esaote Mylab 15 Ultrasound System all optional Applications: (seinstalled options for the installed applications)
Obstetrics / Gynecology (OB/GYN)
Radiology / Abdomen / Vascular
Small Parts / Musculoskeletal / Breast
First-Line Cardiology


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