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General details
Product name: Canon R-F10m Full Auto Refractometer
# CAN 14099
Manufacturer: CANON
Canon R-F10m Full Auto Refractometer
More info:
Canon R-F10m Full Auto Refractometer

Condition: Excellent

To photos

Easier, more comfortable operation
The R-F10 replaces the conventional joystick with a trackball and roller
tandem that eases hand movement during manual alignment. And, once
the examinee's pupil is visible in the monitor, you just press the Start button
to initiate—and complete—refraction measurement.
More efficient exam procedures
From the first part of the process to the last, the R-F10 simply does things
better. Its measurement head covers an exceptionally wide area, thus
speeding up the auto-alignment process, and even the built-in printer
delivers your printout faster than ever.
Increased measurement reliability
By simplifying operation, Canon's fully automated measurement technology
takes on a greater share of the workload and increases the reliability of
measurement data. What's more, the unit's monitor employs a deep focal
point, which makes it easier for you to tell whether an examinee's
eyelashes are obstructing measurement.
Sphere (SPH): -30 to +22 D when VD=12mm (Increments: 0.12D and 0.25D)
Cylinder (CYL): 0 to ±10 D (Increments: 0.12D and 0.25D)
Axis (AX): 1° to 180°
Pupil distance (PD): Max. 85 mm (Increments: 1mm)
Vertex distance (VD): 0/12/13.5 mm
Cylinder form: –, +, +/–
Measurement values: 10 for each eye
Standard value: 1 for each eye
Pupil distance: 1
Printing: Thermal line printer; Prints measurements, date, time, serial number, and eye diagram.
Power-saving system: Monitor, lamp, and motor go into Sleep mode when operation is
discontinued for approx. 5 minutes.
Power supply: 100 – 240V, 50/60Hz, 0.8 – 0.4A
Dimensions (W x L x H): Approx. 280 x 520 x 470 mm
Weight: Approx. 21kg


Canon R-F10m 1

Canon R-F10m 2 Canon R-F10m 3
Canon R-F10m 4

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