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Home >> MEDICAL EQUIPMENT >> OPHTHALMOLOGY >> 2004 VISX AMO (Abbott) Star S4 IR Excimer laser
General details
Product name: 2004 VISX AMO (Abbott) Star S4 IR Excimer laser
# AMO004000011
Manufacturer: AMO
2004 VISX AMO (Abbott) Star S4 IR Excimer laser
More info:
AMO VISX STAR S4 IR (CE) Excimer laser
DOM: December 2004

Condition: Excellent
Was under OEM service program, performed all PM service treatments
Condition: Very good 100% operational

Still serving in clinic; will be uninstalled upon purchase

System Include:
AMO Visx S4 W/IR  System
AMO Wavescan Abberommter System
Patient bed

Visx1 Visx2

The STAR S4 System is designed to create a superficial lamellar keratectomy on
exposed corneal tissue. Corneal tissue is removed by a process known as Ablative
Photodecomposition. Ablative Photodecomposition occurs when far-ultraviolet
radiation reacts with organic molecules, resulting in the photochemical breakdown
of the molecular bonds without a significant local thermal effect. The source of the farultraviolet
photons is a high-efficiency, gas-discharge excimer laser that electronically
excites a combination of argon and fluorine, producing an ultraviolet wavelength of
193 nm.
The STAR S4 Excimer Laser System combines submicron precision of tissue removal by
an excimer laser with a sophisticated computer controlled delivery system. Features
and components of the STAR S4 System include:
Excimer Laser
An argon-fluoride excimer laser module, with an output wavelength of 193 nm.
Gas Management System
A gas cabinet containing a working gas cylinder for laser operation; a gas cleaning
system; a gas leak audio alarm with a sensor to detect fluorine (one part-per-million); a
gas discharge system, using an activated charcoal filter to absorb fluorine; an
emergency safety system using a positive-action solenoid safety valve, which
automatically seals the premix cylinder in the event of a power failure; and a second
charcoal scrubber to neutralize fluorine in case of a leak.
Laser Beam Delivery System
Beam shaping and homogenizing optics designed to produce a uniform, coaxial beam
profile; a spatial integrator and beam rotator for temporal integration; and an iris
diaphragm and rotating slit blades used to shape the beam.
Patient Management System
The ActiveTrak® System, which enables the laser beam to track the patient’s eye
movements during the treatment, an operating microscope with reticle, used to
observe a patient procedure and to facilitate accurate focus and laser beam alignment; a
debris-removal system designed to evacuate the debris plume that occurs during
ablation; a patient operating chair used to align the patient for treatment; a video
camera and monitor used to record and monitor patient treatment; an illumination
device used to illuminate the patient’s eye for observation and treatment, and a fixation
LED used by the patient to maintain proper alignment during treatment.
Computer Control
A PC-compatible computer, video monitor, keyboard with touchpad for user interface
(Windows®* standard), printer, 


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